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Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android)

Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android)
Requirements: Android 2.1+ ; Lucky Patcher

Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android) Overview: Get the most fun and exciting free-kick game of the season on Android!
Use Flick Soccer's unique 'after-touch' ball control to try and hit the target like a real Pro.
Only Flick Soccer gives you this level of complete control and pinpoint accuracy.
Featuring 5 modes of play, gorgeous graphics and an intelligent goalkeeper, Flick Soccer really is one of a kind.

Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android) Features:
  • * Full Fat Flick Controls mean everyone can play!
  • * Shoot for insane scores in Quickshot mode, it's you vs the keeper.
  • * Take it to the limit in Endurance mode, set piece action with bonus items!
  • * Try out Challenge mode for the ultimate skill contest.
  • * Have you got the accuracy to hit the bar? Find out in Crossbar mode.
  • * Smash It! breaking glass panels against the clock.
  • * Unbelievably accurate flick controls for stunning top-corner shots.
  • * The most realistic goalkeeper on the Android Market.
  • * Interactive defenders will jump and react to shots.
  • * Gorgeous visuals and immersive sound
This season there will be a new champion walking away with the title!

What the Press Say
Tapscape: "Flick Soccer is a flawless handheld game."
Edge: "Flick Soccer has a great way of getting players into the zone quickly, and keeping them there... in full flow, it can provide a magical experience."
Eurogamer: "just like Flick Golf, the tough part is finding the time to stop playing."
Pocket Gamer: "If you're a fan of flicking balls towards targets - and, let's face it, who isn't? - this is the best way to do it."

What's new on Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android):
  • Improved level load times
  • Reduced file size
  • Optimised for lower spec devices
Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android) screenshot:
Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android)Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android)

Flick Soccer! 1.0.3 (Android)


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