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GogoCafe v1.2

GogoCafe v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.1+

GogoCafe v1.2 Overview: Gogo Cafe - Tap Tap Fun Tycoon Game of Speedy Touch

Gogo Cafe - Tap Tap Fun Tycoon Game of Speedy Touch
GogoCafe is a Tycoon game that you service to customers with coffee and waffles.
Manage your own café with better service and good ingredients.
Also, let’s build your own building and decorate it.

GogoCafe v1.2 Features:
- Various ingredients for beverages.
- Various ways for beverages.
- Upgrade system.
- Building system.

GogoCafe v1.2  FAQ:
1.How to upgrade items.
- You can go to item shop by tapping decoration button at result screen or going to the first floor in main screen.
2.What are advantages if I upgrade items
- You can earn more money and upgrade levels quickly
3.What is an advantage if I lease the floor?
- If you lease the floor you can earn more money while the floor is opening.
4.How to decorate the floor?
- When the floor is opening, tap the floor.
The button of decorations will pop up.
5.How do you know the waffles are done?
- When the green lamp flickers.
6.Waffles are not good enough to toast. What can I do?
- If you touch the waffles’ keepers, you can remove them.
7.When can I go to the item store and building?
- When you collect all level 1 ingredients, you can go.
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