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EMF Sensor v2.1 Apk New Version

EMF Sensor v2.1 Apk New Version
Req: Android 1.5+ Android Apk Free

Use the magnetic field sensor on your phone to take EMF readings. Works like a 3 axis EMF meter. Displays EMF in milli Gauss (mG) or micro Tesla (uT). This data can be displayed on a customizable graph with optional auto ranging capability. Uses include ghost hunting, paranormal research, finding sources of EMF radiation, monitoring EMF levels, and/or curiosity.. GET NOW!!

How to use EMF Sensor v2.1 Apk New Version:
  • Preferences can be found by pressing the menu button. Many display options are available to customize what is on the screen.
  • The range on the meter can be changed in the options or by sliding your finger up or down on the screen. The left side of the screen adjusts the minimum, the right side adjusts the maximum. You can lock or unlock touch adjustments through the menu.
  • Auto Range Mode can be selected to affect the graph range, the graph and the UI range, or neither. It is suggested to select "Graph and Interface" to have fully automated range control.
  • Custom color values can be set for the text and graph line. Sound can be enabled and customized in preferences, default is off. This will play a tone at a rate determined by the EMF reading, similar to a Geiger counter.
  • More detailed Instructions are available from the menu within the app.

Download EMF Sensor v2.1 Apk New Version

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