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Download Autoproxy v0.60 APK FULL VERSION

Autoproxy v0.60 APK FULL VERSION
Req: Android 2.1+ Android Apk Free

Download Autoproxy v0.60 APK FULL VERSION.. Autoproxy allows you to use Market, Gmail, maps or surf the web even behind the proxy from your home/school/office etc.

It works by creating a transparent/intercepting proxier running on your phone that redirects web traffic to your proxy. this apps Autoproxy v0.60 New version New version release NOW IN ANDROID !

Autoproxy v0.60 APK, Formatted and transmitted through your network's proxy. That means it works with market, all browsers, gmail, maps, and others. this is the most COMPLETE proxier in market !


Autoproxy v0.60 APK FULL VERSION Features:
  • Supports Http, https, socks4 and socks5 proxies. (Squid, forefront, polipo, tor, apache, privoxy, tinyproxy, etc)
  • Supports proxy.pac files. The only app on the market that does!
  • Basic, Digest, NTLM and NTLMv2 authentication supported
  • Multiple proxy settings supported (as many as you need)
  • Auto connect to proxy. It will detect your network settings, and connect you automatically when the network is detected (Wifi and Mobile networks)
  • Recognizes a network even through Access Points (APs) with different names
  • Notifications when proxy is turned on
  • Allows you to forward custom ports to proxy
  • Allows you to specify destination hosts to be skipped, for use with connectbot or SSH tunnels
  • Available in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and German
  • Added Russian, Serbian and Indonesian translations
  • Updated layout
  • New icon
  • Fixed bug in italian translation strings
  • Fixed bug where SSID names with apostrophes didn't go to database

NOTE: Your phone must be rooted and have iptables installed for Autoproxy to work

Download Autoproxy v0.60 APK FULL VERSION

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